July continues to improve

Today saw a lot of volatility on the markets, and I noticed a few people on Twitter talking about making some great profits on the EUR/USD falling today. For me, my day consisted of a £50 profit bringing my July total profit up to £200 so far (although these positions remain open and are therefore subject to being lost again just as easily at the moment until I see some close signals).

The majority of my profits coming from my Chiquita Brands stocks which i’ve been holding onto for weeks without seeing any movement. Today it fell considerably and my shorting position meant some extra profits for me. I also hold a shorting position on the EUR/GBP which doesn’t seem to be falling as drastically as the EUR/USD but i’m up +265.4 pts on it at the moment.

Here’s a little screenprint of how things are going for me right now.

Overall, and at time of writing, i’m sitting about -£58 on my profit/loss chart for the entire system. Considering I was -£300 only a few weeks back i’m very pleased with the progress my trades have made over this time. Here’s hoping these don’t all go against themselves over the next week. I’ll be moving up my stops tomorrow to lock in some of the profits in case they do all revert back to less profitable positions.


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