Fantasy Spreadbetting League

Hey everyone.

A friend of mine is just starting out on a Spreadbetting journey and I was looking for a good demo program for him to use. I’ve used CMC’s and Capital Spreads demo systems but these restrict many of the markets you can access and doesn’t give transparency for me in seeing what stocks he’s picking (so I can offer guidance).

As a result ive opened a fantasy Spreadbetting League at

I’d like to open this league to my readers and therefore if you join up with the website, go to MEMBER OPTIONS and then YOUR LEAGUES you can join my league table using the following details……

LEAGUE: Spreadbet Beginners
PASSWORD: turtles

Of course, you don’t need to be a beginner to join in. It’s just for fun and bragging rights really. Look forward to seeing people joining in. Anyone and everyone is welcome!


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