Spreadbet Diary Video – Episode #1

After my recent post about getting up on youtube i’ve now managed to find the time to upload my first spreadbetting diary update.

This is the first of several monthly videos i’ll do going over my trades. We take a look at my charts, my stops and my plans for the positions, why I entered them and when I plan to get out, that sort of thing. We also take a look at my IG Index account to prove that I have these positions open, in a bid to silence some of the doubters that have been emailing me and suggesting that I do not actually trade for real.

I’ve never demo traded, from day 1 into spreadbetting i’ve used real money. It’s not until you risk your own hard earned cash that you can  make mistakes, and its not until you make mistakes that you can really learn…..in my humble opinion.

Anyway, check out the video and see what you think. I reckon it might spark a bit of discussion as it’s not the way the majority of traders trade the markets.

Please do get in touch and let me know what you think.

Next video will be in a week talking about my money management system and how I personally like to control my risk etc.

Thanks for reading and watching guys.

p.s. i’ve also updated my Trades spreadsheet which you can view.



  1. Hey Chris – sorry, my reading stuttered over the sentence above… ‘some of the doubters that have been emailing me and suggesting that I do not actually trade for real’ and I have only one thing to say… WTF? Really?! Keep doing what you’re doing mate. Why would someone even make the effort to pm you and call your authenticity into question?

    If you’re out there in internet land and you’re doubting what Chris is doing then you need to truly take your head out of your arse and get a life. Seriously.

    • It surprises me too. If I were making millions I could understand the disbelief. It makes you wonder, if they truly disbelieve that I can make £280 profit in 3 months, how much must they be losing??? 🙂

      Nice to hear from you by the way. I think I recently read that you were on a hiatus at the moment? A hallmark of a sensible trader in my opinion.

      • Indeed – send them in my direction as I’m still face-palming on a regular basis so they’ll feel right at home 😉

        I am indeed regrouping ahead of a proper assault on the slippery slope of what is retail FX. Stay tuned for a number of exciting updates over the next couple of months as I get my s**t together – LOL

      • Always keep one eye on your blog so will continue to do so. Good luck.

  2. hi chris,

    there’s nothing more flattering than jealousy. i wouldnt try and put them off personally! good to see you posting the results as it makes for a more interesting story. most trader sites you couldnt work out what they’re doing let alone how they’re getting on.

    thanks for the video. not sure what youve got lined up next but would be interested to see you make the decision between entering/not entering a trade and how subjective this is. you seem to use technical tools (donchian) and i wonder whether you think you could automate your approach and therefore expand into other markets?

    i note youre net long 6 positions. do you concern yourself the market might tank?

    youve also prompted me to start reading turtles again myself. its been encouraging reading since im experiencing a nasty run of trades right now. always look forward to the next trading day though!

    • Hey Paul

      I’ll have a think about that for one of my future vids. Thanks.

      not sure about the automation. Trying to get my head around sharescopes data mining program which seems rather powerful and capable of such things, but at the moment I’m happy doing things manually.

      As for hedging against a market tank, I do want maybe 2 more shorts, but I can’t find anything I like right now. I have my eye out for them though. I have 2 shorts in Candover and Hewlett Packard but HP is going against me and everyday gets closer to my stop and Candover doesn’t move that much although it’s down 25pts so far which is good.

      My longs are all in different sectors and I also hold Long on Gold and 2 Norwegian shares, but yeah, still looking for another nice short if I can find one I like just to help balance my book.

  3. Another good vid, Chris. Really interesting to see some pre-entry analysis/indicators and how you used them in these trades.

    How do you pick the markets? e.g. the switch between UK equities/norwegian equities and commodities? Do you have some kind of automated alert system setup or is it all just manual?

  4. Hi Chris. I have recently bought Vince Stanzione’s course and am really looking forward to getting started. This video has been really useful to see how you go about trading and making your decisions. I’ve also watched the money management vid and that was great too. Thanks. Keep up the good work.


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