Be Proud of Your Achievements

Recently i’ve been pondering my performance for this year. I tend to do this quite a lot. I’ll take a step back and spend a week contemplating whether i’m happy with everything that’s going on in my life. I’m not just talking work, i’m talking about everything, work, family, health, education etc.

I recently got offered a new job working in Accounts, which most of you will know was an industry i’ve been moving into over the last year or two after getting out of fraud investigation. It’s started a chain of changes in my life which have largely been positive and I this being my 30th year of my life I considered what I have achieved so far in my life. Here are just a few achievements that come to mind…

  • I was a police cadet at 16 and patrolled beaches to find lost children. We found every child over several years of service as a cadet. A very rewarding experience that i’ll never forget.
  • I moved out of home at 17 and have worked ever since.
  • I ran my own unsigned bands website which became so popular I was unable to continue updating it everyday and cope with the workload. I eventually closed it down several years ago.
  • I have played in numerous bands, played numerous live gigs and spent many days in recording studios making albums and EP’s.
  • I have recorded 2 solo EP’s
  • I have a diploma in Sound Engineering and Music Tecbhnology
  • I went from being an admin assistant to a fraud manager overseeing 50+ staff within an insurance company in the space of 5 years. I was responsible for training, management information, recruitment and interviewing, designing the company in-house fraud claims system which received high levels of praise and is still used today by the company and its staff. I developed a fraud detection system still used by staff today, and whilst I was there my team achieved over £3,000,000 in fraud savings for our clients.
  • I have started up my own businesses.
  • I have bought a property to develop, refurbished it, and am now a Landlord.
  • I have composed music for an Xbox 360 game
  • I have taught myself the basics of video editing techniques and computer animation techniques producing 2x documentaries and 2x short animation films.
  • I have got married and had 2x wonderful healthy children
  • I have trained in how to trade the stock market and so far to date stand at a recorded profit.
  • I have created this relatively successful blog
  • I have taught myself basic SEO techniques
  • Achieved my AAT Level 2 in Accounting Qualification
  • Achieved my FA Level 2 Coaching Football Badge and Level 1 Coaching American Football Badge
  • I have written an e-book on Lie Detection Techniques

And i’m sure there are more.

I’m not the sort of person who would usually tell many people about my achievements. I’m not a show off and I don’t like to brag about things. I keep myself to myself and get on with the things I enjoy in life. But I think every now and again it’s important to reflect on what you’ve achieved. Try it, you’ll be surprised just how many things you’ve done in your life, and if the list does turn out to be shorter than you hoped, you still have plenty of opportunities in this world to add to it. Just get out there and get on with it.

Just think of yourself on your death bed reflecting on your life. Would it be full of regrets? It’s better to try and fail than to not try at all right???



  1. Hi, Chris

    Well done for all your achievements. It is true that it iis a good exercise to reflect on the achievements as we tend to spend a lot more time on the negatives.


  2. Great to hear that you are feeing positive about things! I find that feeling positive and reflecting on my achievements makes me feel a lot more motivated to achieve more.

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