My name is Chris, 30 years old from Sussex, England and my background is in Insurance Fraud Investigation. In March 2011 I enrolled on a course by Vince Stanzione for financial spread trading (or financial spreadbetting as it’s largely known) and in mid April 2011 I began to trade using real money from my own pocket. The strategies that appealed to me most were the medium to long term trend following on the financial markets, trading currencies, commodities, indicies such as FTSE and DOW, UK and US shares.

This was a really big move for me. I’ve never traded anything before. I knew nothing of stocks and shares, and financially it was all a bit frightening. Yet I deposited £500 into my Spreadbet Account and got on with it.

Using the spreadbetting strategies that I have learnt from Vince I hoped to make enough money to suppliment any earnings I made from my other work.

However, in November 2011 I closed off my trades and took my profit which amounted to approximately £600. Just over 100% return in 7 months which I think is a very good return. I took the money as I needed it for another business venture.

On 27/04/2012 I decided to re-open my spreadbet account and start Spreadbetting again. I’d been thinking about it for a while, and it just felt like the right time to get into it again. I was beginning to miss it and I also wanted to get the ball rolling again. This time however I have decided to do something alittle different. It’s still the same system, the same rules, and I spent a bit of time studying Vince Stanzione’s trading guide again to re-inforce the information. However, comforted by the fact I had almost doubled my money the first time around I decided this time I could afford to put in £1200 capital, at least to start with, and see if my experience and lessons gained from my first attempt will help me be more disciplined this time around.

My goal is to grow the £1200 into something more, allowing me to slowly and eventually place more successful trades/bets. It might take me 10 years, but if I can keep it all open for that long and make a profit i’ll be a happy man.

This spreadbetting beginners blog is my online trading diary if you will. I’m told everyone should keep records when trading and what better way to do it than online. This is partly for my own benefit, as a self reflection tool to help me learn from any mistakes I make, but also in case anyone else is interested.

If your reading my blog, or are thinking about reading and following my weekly updates, I hope that you’ll put up with my poor grammar and lack of journalistic qualities. I’m not a professional blogger, just a guy trying to make money from his home, with his laptop. You can bypass some of the posts and take a look at my TRADE OVERVIEW page if you are interested. I provide a weekly update on my results and trade picks and a daily snapshot each evening of my running profit total which you’ll find on the home page right bar menu.

If you use Twitter then I do love a good chat about trading strategies. I do announce my daily profit/loss on there and retweet anything I find interesting and spreadbetting related. You can follow me @traderchilli and if you do make a point of saying hi.

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