I am using a combination of a Donchian Trend System along with a Moving Average Crossover strategy. The donchian channel is usually used for my stops, and if a price breaks out from the Donchian I might use it as an entry signal or exit, or sometimes to double a position.

I use a money managment system which allows me to risk approx 5% of my available capital on each trade/position. I’ll be trying to keep the percentage of total commitment to below 50% of my capital. I figured this is a happier medium between being over careful in preventing drawdowns against having something tangible to actually bet with.

I’m sticking mainly to US shares, but have a couple of UK shares, the odd Forex position and i’m keen on commodities to assist with some diversification.

Here are my current results so far since 18/06/2012

as of 01/10/2012

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